We Found Blueberries!

For those with a keen nose and eagle eye, the forest holds much more than beautiful aesthetics, shade from the heat of the day and a place to pitch a tent for the night; there are more than deer and rabbits hiding within those trees.


In keeping with our mantra of slowing down we were determined not to rush out of the Netherlands, despite the obvious temptations of crossing the German boarder and adding another important milestone to our journey. This mantra served us well once again when our progress through the stunning Veluwezoom National Park was halted. Screeching to a halt, it was clear that Kerli’s nose had sensed something, nestled among the mighty trunks of the trees; something sweet, something delicious, something… no, it couldn’t be, could it? Not here, in the forest. Surely not.

…but it was. It really was. In our casual saunter through the forest we had found blueberries! An endless supply. Way too many for two people to devour alone.


Needless to say, we did not waste such a precious opportunity and within half an hour we had two full stomachs and two full pots for the road. Nature provided us with a bounty… and we obliged. A great start to any day on the road.






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