Cycling into Estonia

Head down, start to pedal. Legs are aching and it’s taking a lot of effort to rediscover the rhythm from yesterday. As we hit the main road a buoyant tailwind kicks in; now we’re spinning. As the familiar mechanical pulse of rubber on tarmac and the habitual bending and flexing of knees takes hold the kilometres begin to fall with the metronomic regularity of a ticking clock.

As my body shifts into autopilot my mind begins to wander, inquisitively following one idea like a dog picking up a scent. One thought leads to another, switching back and forth like an indecisive couch potato with free access to the remote control. Unable to grasp solidly at one idea the brain flicks back and forth, halfway around the world and back before finally settling down to a low frequency buzz as my eyes begin to focus on the blur of the road racing beneath my front wheel at twenty kilometres per hour.

I look up.

“Wow, what beautiful scenery”, i think to myself.

“Just like South Eston… wait, we haven’t crossed the border already have we? How long was i daydreaming for?”

Check the map frantically. I couldn’t have missed the decisive moment could I?

“Ok, still a while to go.” Back to the daydreaming.

Thick forests and rolling green fields slip by as we roll on; mind and body maintaining that low frequency drone, oblivious to the beautiful landscape we are cycling through.
Suddenly… Ape! The turnoff for Ape. Surely we are only a few kilometres away now.

With a jolt of electrical impulse my senses spring into life. Fuelled by excitement our pace quickens as Ape passes by in a flash accompanied by a sign emblazoned with the word ‘Moniste’ – “that’s an Estonian town!” – and the indication that it is only ten kilometres away. The dog has picked up the scent, stronger than before. So close he can almost taste it.

Tarmac stretches out like a congratulatory red carpet, beckoning us towards the biggest of milestones while trees line our way, standing back in quiet admiration as these two dishevelled but determined travellers edge ever-closer to the climax of their day. Excitement builds, adrenaline rushes, pupils dilate as we turn the final corner and…

“Eesti Vabariik”.

We have made it to the border. We have cycled to Estonia.




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